Weekend Creative




Last weekend we traveled to LA to host a workshop on branding and photography with our friends at Pretty Thing. From the very beginning of Weekend Creative, we decided that we wanted take every opportunity that we could to share what we have learned and help others. Starting a business and learning new skills isn’t easy, and it can be hard to find answers to specific questions online. This workshop was an opportunity for us to partner with the women of Pretty Thing to give practical advice and hands-on experience to a group of talented women.

The workshop was held in Allmost, a creative shared workspace in Mid City, Los Angeles. It was the perfect setting, we could feel the creative energy as soon as we walked in. All of the mismatched furniture and pretty murals were really fun and created an inspiring setting.

Myah of Pretty Thing kicked off the workshop with a talk about branding. She shared their strategy for making sure that a brand has a voice and feeling that is uniquely theirs, and not simply the voice of the owner. Not only will this make the brand instantly recognizable, it allows for it to exist apart from the owner and not be bound to a single person.

Next, Arabela and I walked the attendees through our photoshoot process, from start to finish. We broke up the talk with opportunities for everyone to put into practice what they learned. We focused on working with natural light and props they already had in order to make it simple and accessible.

Our friends at Chameleon Cold Brew and Sunwink generously sponsored the event and donated product for us to use. Everyone was able to play around with props to create their own images of the coffee and herbal tonics. It was so inspiring to see each woman come up with unique ideas, and it was definitely my favorite part of the day.

Here are some photos from the workshop. Make sure to follow Pretty Thing on social media and sign up for their e-mail list so that you don’t miss out on any future events.


Is it the weekend yet?