Weekend Creative


Weekend Creative is a creative agency specializing in clean, artful photography.

We create beautiful images that showcase the best qualities of your brand in order to help you reach the right customers through print, web, or social media. We have well-rounded backgrounds with experience in photography, styling, advertising, graphic design, and media. We want your images to be outstanding and truly represent who you are as a brand. 

We offer photography, content creation, styling, prop/set design, and art direction for social media, web, and print. 

We believe in having fun.

We’re fueled by lattes, inspired by originality, and driven by that feeling you get on Saturday morning when you have the whole weekend ahead of you. We produce our best work when we enjoy what we do and have fun in the process.  


We speak Creative.

We started Weekend Creative because we wanted more opportunities to exercise our creativity. We thrive off of developing creative solutions to creative problems by looking at our projects from all angles.


WE Are passionate 


our work.

What started off as a hobby has turned into an opportunity to build up other creatives around us. We understand what it’s like to pursue your passion, and we believe strong images are essential to capturing an audience and building a strong relationship with your customers.



@elleirene | ellemitchelldesign.com

Favorite Season? I like the transition between seasons, the feeling of anticipation. Famous person to be BFFs with? Jimmy Fallon for sure. Three necessary items on a deserted island? Glossier Balm Dotcom (the best), a Swiss army knife (gotta be practical), my bible (because endless reading). One superpower to have? The ability to teleport anywhere in the world (and take other people with me). Drink of choice? A whiskey sour. Or sparkling rose. Wants to travel to... Everywhere! But Venice, Italy if I had to choose. Always listening to... Sam Smith, Gallant, Oh Wonder. Ideal weekend: Wake up in a brand new place, and walk to a coffee shop. Then spend the day exploring, eating good food, and seeing beautiful things. Comfort food? Peanut butter and jelly. Or really anything with peanut butter. Currently into... houseplants (even though I always kill them), trying new recipes, really fuzzy sweaters.



@arabelaespinoza | arabelaespinoza.com

Favorite Season? Summer, all the way! Famous person to be BFFs with? Mila Kunis. She seems funny. Three necessary items on a deserted island? A dog (who needs humans?), Glossier balm (not trying to deal with chapped lips...), and a blanket (maybe it gets cold?). One superpower to have? Shapeshifting. Then I could be as fast as a cheetah or I could be a bird and fly wherever I want. Drink of choice? Any craft cocktail! I love a good mixture of flavors. Wants to travel to... Santorini, Greece. Always listening to... Majid Jordan, Kaskade, and Diplo. Ideal weekend: My ideal weekend would consist of brunch, art museums, a farmer's market stroll and yummy craft cocktails. Oh, and lots and lots of coffee. Comfort food? Any kind of seafood! Sushi, ceviche, fish tacos, shrimp…..you name it. Currently into...  My Favorite Murder podcast, Riverdale, and anything TRUE CRIME.