Weekend Creative




It all started with a Madewell bag, and a strong desire to not get stuck with a bad partner for an entire semester.

In the fall of 2015, Arabela and I met in a photography classroom on the fourth floor of Duncan Hall at San Jose State University. The class was Intro to Studio Lighting, and on the very first day we had to choose someone to be our partner for the rest of the semester. While we toured the studio, Arabela came up to me and asked, "is that a Madewell bag?" Immediately I knew I needed to be friends with this girl.


I asked her to be my partner, and we spent the semester working through the struggle of learning light meters, neutral density filters, and soft boxes. Our friendship grew outside of the classroom when Arabela began to intern with the publication I work for, Content Magazine. 

Over the past two years we have worked together on a variety of shoots, but we always came back to the idea of wanting to do something that was our own. Many, many latte dates later, we started working on building a business that would give us more opportunities to exercise our creativity while also encouraging other people to pursue their passion. 


We struggled with choosing a name, going from having no ideas to having too many. Having jobs during the week means that most of our creative projects happen during the weekends. We wanted our name to reflect our story, so Weekend Creative was the perfect fit. Plus, who doesn't love weekends?

Thanks for reading and for following along in our journey! Please don't be afraid to say hello!

Is it the weekend yet?