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images sourced via  pinterest

images sourced via pinterest

I can always count on a few things to provide inspiration: friends, coffee shops, and Pinterest. This week, however, was ALL about Project Runway Season 16. 

I've been a fan of the show for quite some time now. Back in high school I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer so I would watch PR religiously. Inspired by every challenge, I would constantly try to take something in my closet and create something new out of it whether it was by embellishing or distressing. I eventually learned how to sew by hand and how to use the sewing machine my freshman year. 

While that dream of being a fashion designer didn't last very long (lol!) I did find a ton of inspiration from watching the show which propelled my love for crafting in general. Learning to sew also became pretty useful when it came to sewing buttons back on or mending a ripped seam. 

images sourced via  pinterest

images sourced via pinterest

I fell out of watching PR within the last couple of years mostly because of college and life but after Elle mentioned this last season, I decided to pick it back up. 

I hope my boyfriend isn't reading this but can I just confess how madly in love I am with Brandon Kee. From his humble personality to his unique designs, Brandon is a major source of inspiration in fashion and in life. 

It's pretty incredible to see someone who has never created womenswear in his life come into the show and just rock it every single challenge. 

The way Brandon plays with construction, soft colors, and oversized garments in his final collection inspired me when it came to making these collages.

I would like to think what I do is an art form. I don’t want to be pretentious with the terms, but I like to think that I am a creative that produces something that will inspire people.
— Brandon Kee

Is it the weekend yet?