Weekend Creative




Guys. If you don’t know about Morgan Harper Nichols yet get ready for some serious inspiration. Not only is Morgan a poet and songwriter, but she is a pretty awesome designer and illustrator. Her hand lettered pieces are simple but beautiful and the words that she writes are powerful.

Even more impressive is the heart behind the work that she does. She randomly selects people from emails and DMs and then creates custom art based on what they are going through. Morgan has been doing this everyday for the past year. She does this as a way to serve and encourage people without asking for anything in return.

Her Instagram is filled with poetry that is short but really profound. While these words were written for specific people and circumstances I think they can speak to many people which shows that we all go through similar things and no one is ever really alone. Take a look at some of her work below and follow her for more inspiration.

Is it the weekend yet?