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It’s wild to remember the early days of Instagram where the majority of our images were edited with either Valencia or X-Pro II. I’m cringing now when I think about it. I’m glad we’ve gotten past that point. Now we have endless options and I love it. As creatives, we’re always looking for the best apps to help us fine-tune our images and showcase our work digitally. Below you’ll find our current top 5 favorite editing apps that have helped us when creating content for Weekend Creative. Let us know if you have any favorites of your own!


A Color Story is hands down my personal favorite right now. Created by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess, this app is perfect for making colors pop. While their presets are amazing, it’s their tools that I find the most useful. I almost always start out by using curves to help brighten dark photos. One of their most recently added features is the Color+ which helps edit the hue, saturation, and luminance of a specific color like you would in Lightroom or Photoshop.



The most classic editing app that I think everyone still uses to this day. VSCO features mostly film inspired presets and was a pioneer when it came to being able to change the opacity of the filter itself. One of my favorite features is the ability to copy edits of one image and apply them to other photos which is so useful when you want to keep your feed clean and cohesive.


Since the launch of IG stories, it was hard finding apps that created content specifically for this feature. After Elle discovered Unfold, we haven’t been able to put it down. The app offers so many beautiful and minimal templates that help build out beautiful visual stories. When it comes to showcasing our work, inspiration, and BTS in our stories, this app does it all.



PS Express is guaranteed to be useful when it comes to editing details and fine tuning an already good image. While I’m not necessarily in love with their filters, I find that that the reason I keep this app around is because of the blemish removal tool. Pick the right size and simply remove any unwanted or distracting objects in the photo. It’s seriously magic!


Created by Kirk Mastin of Mastin Labs, Filmborn is an app that focuses on emulating film with digital photography. The live view aspect allows you to adjust white balance, manually focus, and set your exposure before you hit “click.” The app features presets of popular film stocks such as Fuji, Ilford, and Kodak. One thing I love about the app is how informative it is about each function and what the best shooting conditions are for each film preset.


Is it the weekend yet?