Weekend Creative




One of the most difficult parts about starting Weekend Creative was coming up with a name. At first we couldn't come up with any ideas at all, and in the end we had way too many. We are both much better with images than words so we almost gave into using a name generator like Post Malone (lol!). We did a lot of research into how to name your business and here are some of the most useful tips that we found. 

1. Establish your brand.

First think about who you are and what you do. This will help determine the direction that your name should take. Research the clients that you want to attract and the words that would resonate with them. Try to find ways that you can incorporate what you do into your name (not necessary but helpful). We knew that we wanted to focus on photography to start, but we also didn't want to limit ourselves to just photography in the future which is why we chose to include "creative" in our name. 

2. Make a list. 

Go wild! This is the time to brainstorm and write down anything and everything that you like. Get all of those words out of your head no matter how silly they may sound. You never know which words will inspire you once they are down on paper. 

Name Game-4_2.jpg

3. Make Groups.

Once you have a long list of words that you like, choose your favorite ones and break them into categories. Originally we thought that our name would have three words so we broke our list into adjectives, nouns, and "third words" (ie. collective, co., creative, etc.) We really wanted our name to roll off the tongue and also be quirky and memorable. We spent a lot of time looking at other businesses to get examples of combinations that we liked. In fact, the word "Weekend" came from a product we saw on Pinterest as we were looking at brands that we admired. 

We then spent a lot of time (and I mean a LOT of time) mixing and matching our words to create as many combinations as we could. As we brainstormed names, we kept design and possible logo ideas in mind. It was also important to us that the name wasn't too trendy so it would age well and we could be proud of it in five or ten years down the road. 

Name Game-1_2.jpg

4. Search the internet.

The worst thing is to have the perfect name picked out only to realize that the domain name and social media handles have already been taken (especially when the social media account isn't even active). Take the time to research everything you might want to claim as your own including hashtags. This is an easy way to eliminate some of your options. While there are definitely ways to work around this issue like adding periods or dashes to a handle, it will be much easier for your customer to find you if your name is unique and your handles match. Also think about trademarking your name in the future so that you can claim an inactive Instagram handle and protect your brand in the future. 

5. Take a Poll.

Once you have narrowed down your choices to 2-4 names, it's time to start getting opinions. We had four choices that we asked our friends and family about. We simply read them the list of names without any explanation and let them give us their first impression. Sometimes after we gave an explanation they changed their vote, but it was good to hear their initial thoughts to see if the ideas were clear and what the name made them think of off the bat. In case you are curious, the names that we had were Not Without Style, The Nova Theory, The Niche Creative, and Weekend Creative. 

the image by  bando  that inspired our name. 

the image by bando that inspired our name. 

6. Make a decision.

Taking into account what best represents your brand, the opinions that were given, and what you like, make a decision. Weekend Creative became the obvious choice when we realized the kind of feelings that this name evoked and how it told our story of starting a side hustle on the weekends. Once you've chosen your name, it's a good idea to sit on it for a week or so to make sure you're still in love with it. We knew that Weekend Creative was sticking around because we couldn't stop talking about it.

Weekends later, we're still in love with it. 

We know firsthand that coming up with a name is a daunting task and it might seem impossible at first. But, stick with it! Brainstorm, research, and ask for advice. The right name will come along in time. 

Is it the weekend yet?