Weekend Creative




Happy New Year! We hope that you had a lovely time with friends and family during the holidays. We’re still recovering from all the food and wine. ;)

With the new year ahead, setting goals for your business is important to help you grow. It’s easy to feel motivated and inspired at the beginning of the year, but that momentum can easily wind down as the year goes on. Having goals can help you stay on the right track.


Here are some of the goals that we have set:


In order for us to stay on top of our social media game, we set goals for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our website visitors per month. We looked at where our followings are now, and how much they have grown over the past couple months and used that as a gauge to set these goals.


For us to stay in business, the most important thing is to have clients. We thought about how much time we can give to our clients which helped us determine how many we can take on. You can read more about how we get our clients here and here.


Being in the early stages of our business, our primary goal is to break even with all of our expenses. We calculated our revenue based on potential clients, how much we would charge per project, and the amount of income we would need to cover our monthly business expenses.


In order for our business to run properly (and legally!) there are certain steps that we have to take. Some of those steps include: set up a bank account, finalize a contract, and obtain all the necessary licenses.



To keep ourselves creative, we wanted to make sure that we planned a few shoots that were simply for fun. Starting Weekend Creative meant that we would have more opportunity to stretch ourselves creatively and do some shoots that we have always dreamt of doing. Setting a goal for these shoots will help us to follow through.


We know that having professional studio equipment would be an asset to our clients and would elevate the quality of our services. We made a list of some of the equipment that we want to build into our budget for the coming year.


Networking is valuable for any business and we wanted to make sure that we set a goal for the number of events that we’d like to attend in 2018. We really value a creative community and want to foster that in our area by hosting one event this year. One of our bigger long-term goals is to attend NYFW or a creative conference.

St Frank and Renegade-23.jpg

While setting long-term goals is important, making a plan to meet them is essential to success. Create smaller goals throughout the year that will help you stay on track. Life is unpredictable, so be open to adjusting your goals along the way. We hope that you have a successful year and would love to hear about any goals you have set for yourself.  

Is it the weekend yet?