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image by  ross floyd  and  aaron nace  via  PHLEARN

image by ross floyd and aaron nace via PHLEARN

As someone who isn’t particularly obsessed with editing, I’m always on the hunt to find online resources that will teach me to be more efficient when retouching. Finding tutorials and videos that are specifically related to highly stylized product photography and commercial work is like hitting the jackpot for me.

I’ve recently stumbled upon my favorite resource yet, PHLEARN. Aaron Nace is the mastermind behind this site and is quite literally an angel for providing a platform that offers creative education that is extremely accessible. I’m talking $8.25/month for over 140 video classes with new tutorials every month.

From editing tricks to special effects, PHLEARN contains a wide variety of both free and affordable video courses that will take your photography and editing to the next level. Check out one of my favorite tutorials below featuring photographer Ross Floyd.

Is it the weekend yet?