Weekend Creative



One Prop 6-3.jpg

One Prop Challenge is a new series that allows us to play around with ideas, learn new techniques, and challenge ourselves as creatives. You can read about our first challenge here.

Recently I purchased these clips from Anthropologie and knew right away that I wanted to use them in our next One Prop. I'm trying to challenge myself to think more creatively and come up with unique ways to showcase products. I wanted to mimic the true use of the clips without being literal. I liked the idea of using something that looked like hair but wasn't really hair at all.

We ended up using various plants around my backyard and played around with different placements. The clips kind of look like little bugs which I think is fun. The animal print also plays really well with the different grasses that we used. Here are some behind the scenes images as well as the final shots. 

One Prop 6-1.jpg
One Prop 6-2.jpg
One Prop 6-6.jpg
One Prop 6-5.jpg

Is it the weekend yet?