Weekend Creative




One Prop Challenge is a new series that allows us to play around with ideas, learn new techniques, and challenge ourselves as creatives. You can read about our first challenge here.

At Femme Fair there was a a beautiful flower station where attendees could make flower bracelets and also purchase flowers and greenery to take home. I saw a King Protea when we first arrived and knew that I had to have it. I have been wanting to buy one for a while because it's so interesting and unique.

We had originally wanted to shoot a product in a field of poppies that is by my house, but when we got there it was late in the day and they were already closed. Instead we took the King Protea and shot it in a grassy area close by. We also went to a local business that has a neon wall we had been wanting to shoot in front of. 

This was probably one of the easier One Prop Challenges we have done because there wasn't any set up and we just played around with laying the flower in different places. You can see all of the images below. 


Is it the weekend yet?