Weekend Creative




I’m sure you all know by now that I’m obsessed with mood boards. The fact that I get to make them all the time is definitely one of my favorite parts of this job. Honestly I could probably just make mood boards all day and be perfectly happy haha. I wrote an entire post about how important a good mood board is when planning a shoot, and how to make one which you can read about here.

I wanted to start sharing mood board from some of our shoot as well as the finished images so you can see where our inspiration comes from and how it translates to the final shots. This first one is from a really fun shoot we did earlier this year. We worked with our friend Stephanie to create the launch images for her beautiful sunglasses, and she made it easy for us by providing tons of images that she liked as well as a really through brand guide.

Steph wanted to make sure that the models were diverse and really represented her target customer. Her goal was to make sunglasses that truly fit all faces, and the images needed to show how comfortable the glasses are on all face shapes. For the product shots, she had a lot of natural light shots and neutral tones in her example photos. You can see some of the inspiration images in the mood board as well as some of the final shots below. If you want to see more from this shoot you can click here.


Is it the weekend yet?