Weekend Creative




2017 was a pretty big year for us. We both graduated in December of 2016 so we went into the year with newfound freedom and lots of big ideas. We started off mostly shooting for Content Magazine and adjusting to life without school. In May we reached out to It-It's Ice Cream on a whim, unknowingly starting our journey to becoming business owners. Here's a look back on what we did this year.


Endless Summer, our first shoot of the year, was a trip back to summer in the 70's. We wanted to capture the free spirit and cool vibes of the times. Arabela shot these images using film to add an authentic vintage look. 

Flower Face was an ode to the trends seen on the runway of adding delicate flower petals to the face. We wanted this shoot to embody the fresh and dewy feel of spring.

Content T-Shirts was a shoot that we did for Content Magazine to showcase their new t-shirts in an edgy and fashionable way. We took photos on the VTA in downtown San Jose. 

Headspace was all about the future and virtual reality. We edited the photos in post production to create a color glitch which added a futuristic feel. 

HBD America was a shoot for Fourth of July inspired by the idea of America throwing herself a birthday party. We had cake, presents, balloons, and a handmade popsicle piƱata.

Dean's List was originally supposed to be an entirely different shoot and changed three times before becoming a back to school shoot. The location wasn't even confirmed until hair and makeup were already in progress. Despite all of the difficulties, we had an amazing team and it ended up being one of our favorite shoots yet. 

Rathbone drew inspiration from old batteries located in the Marin Headlands. We loved the contrast between military and feminine against a grungy setting.

It's-It was our first client as Weekend Creative, and was inspired by our client's desire to reach a young, modern generation while retaining the nostalgia of the past. You can read more about it in this post. 


Bareback was our first time shooting with a horse. We shot beautiful gowns by a local designer. It was a challenge working with an animal while also keeping the clothing clean, but overall it was a success. 


In addition to shooting for Content Magazine and our first official client It's-It Ice Cream, we booked an exciting new client for the beginning of 2018. We also made really great connections through social media and networking which we are sure will lead to booking more clients soon. 


We attended the Renegade Craft Fair and West Coast Craft  which gave us an opportunity to reach new clients and learn how to talk about our business in an effective way. You can read about those experiences in this post. We also went to a valuable talk about small business taxes at Kinfolk Inspired Space


Our biggest accomplishment was deciding to become an official business and file as an LLC. We have talked about having our own business for a couple years so to have it finally happen is a dream come true. We also worked hard on this website which we are really proud of, designed business cards, started social media accounts, and got our first paying client. 

2017 definitely had its ups and downs, but overall it was a really exciting year with many events that validated our choice to start this business. We feel so lucky to have each other as partners, and to have so many people encouraging and supporting us. Here's to 2018 and all of the opportunities, challenges, and good times it's sure to bring. 

Is it the weekend yet?