Weekend Creative



image via  jessica kobeissi

If I haven't obsessively talked to you about Jessica Kobeissi, than you don't really know me. In fact, I'm not sure why I haven't made this post already. She is one of my all time favorite photographers. She's Lebanese, like my boyfriend, so of course I knew I would love her. 

Jessica is a fashion and portrait photographer currently living in Detroit. She is also an insanely popular Youtuber and for good reason. Everything is an open book with her and I have learned so much about photography by watching her editing tutorials, tips and tricks, day-to-day shoots, challenges, and more. Not to mention, she's real AF. There are no secrets and she genuinely just wants to share her passion for photography with other aspiring photographers. 

Sometimes it's hard to find creatives willing to share their knowledge but Jessica happens to be a literal gem. If you like a good sense of humor mixed in with photography education, make sure to check out her Youtube channel here. Watch some of my favorite videos below:

Is it the weekend yet?