Weekend Creative




If you're not in the arts or creative industry, most likely you haven't come across WeTransfer. This online service allows anyone to send large files of up to 2GB for free (say what!). When files are too large for e-mail, WeTransfer is there to save the day. One of my favorite things about using this service aside from being able to send images to clients is their new content platform called WePresent. Launched early this year, WePresent shares cool stories about creatives all over the world. Sending files while also getting creatively inspired? I can dig that.

Thanks to WePresent, I discovered the amazing work of Caroline Walker. Caroline creates large scale paintings of women in a variety of settings. Her process begins by staging photoshoots, hiring female models, and creating scenes. The photographs she takes then serve as inspiration for her paintings each with their own voyeuristic touch. Caroline has this incredible way of letting you into someone's private space without quite knowing why. Her work is fascinating, mysterious, and truly a work of art. 

Is it the weekend yet?