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Image via  Harper's Bazaar

Image via Harper's Bazaar

I'm sure by now you have heard that fashion designer Kate Spade has passed away. Like many women in America, I have always loved the colorful, playful brand that Kate created. I have a laptop bag that was a graduation gift from my grandparents, and earrings from my parents that I reach for often.

As a creative business owner, I have come to appreciate Kate Spade even more than I did before. She really knew the women that she designed for, and built an iconic brand that is distinct and high quality while still accessible. The pieces that she created are timeless, classic, and fun - not an easy combination - yet she made it seem effortless. 

I recently listened to an interview with Kate where she shared how she started out working as an assistant at Conde Nast, tying shoes and getting snickers for the photographers and eventually started her handbag line out of her apartment with her husband using burlap because she couldn't afford any other fabric. As she told her story, her warmth, wittiness, and humility really came through. She was resourceful, persevered under hard circumstances, and cared for the women that she designed for. 

Here are just a few of the campaigns and designs by Kate that I love, in memory of her. 

Image via  Wit & Delight

Image via Wit & Delight

Image via  Del Rivero Designs
Image via  Fashion Gone Rogue
Image via  Wit & Delight

Image via Wit & Delight


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