Weekend Creative



elle inspo 13 _ 2.jpg

This week's inspiration, and every week (let's be real), comes from my very own friend, co-worker, and business partner: Elle Irene Mitchell. If you don't know, it's also her birthday today. She's currently in Napa drinking lots of wine, as she should. This creative gal has been inspiring me since the day we became friends in that one college photography class. I owe many, if not all, of my successes to her. She introduced me to the arts and culture magazine (Content Mag) that we both currently work for. Her passion for art direction, photography, styling, and design inspires me to grow as a creative myself. They say you are who you hang out with and I can definitely tell you she influences my interests in fashion, photography, and even the brands we follow or associate with. 

It's been such a blessing to have her as a friend and as a new business partner. Working with her on this new venture of ours has been extremely fun and intimidating at the same time but I know that having her by my side, I can only be excited for what's to come. Wishing you a very special birthday, Elle! 25 is going to look so good on you. 

Ps. I don't have very many pictures of Elle working her magic at shoots because I'm usually shooting. So here are a few photos I've taken of her recently. Look at them because she's beautiful, heh!



Is it the weekend yet?