Weekend Creative




I've loved the work of the creative agency TERRENCE CAVIAR for some time now. The agency is made up of stylist Michelle Maguire and photographer Kelsey McClellan which reminds me of Arabela and myself. I am always so inspired by seeing other people combine their strengths to make something better than they ever could by themselves. 

The Wardrobe Snacks series was the first I saw from TERRENCE CAVIER, and I was immediately in love with the colors, clothing, and poses. This series shows fast food items held in the hand of the model and matching the monochrome clothing. There's just something so satisfying, clever, and intriguing about these images which were inspired by "informal diners" such as commuters on a train.

Looking through the rest of their work, you can tell that these women are gifted individuals as well as a wonderful team. They are precise, creative, and have a definite style to their work. Seeing what they can do together, even while living in different states definitely has me dreaming about what we can do through Weekend Creative. 

All images via TERRENCE CAVIER.


Is it the weekend yet?