Weekend Creative




At the start of the year we set goals for our business that we hoped to accomplish by the end of 2018. You can read more about that here. We check on our goals at the end of every month to see how we're doing which helps us to stay motivated and see where we need to improve. Today we're sharing where we are and what we have learned now that we are halfway through the year. 

One thing we realized is that we didn't set our goals high enough and we ended up accomplishing more than we thought we could. What seemed almost impossible at the beginning of the year is now so close. Setting goals and tracking our progress has helped us realize the kind of objectives that we need to make for next year. It can be scary to have aspirations that seem too big to reach, but don't underestimate your potential. 



Working with very different clients and products has taught us a lot about communication, choosing our battles, and being flexible. We started out the year with a two day shoot for S64, a new clothing line for petite women. We then had the opportunity to shoot for Volition Beauty, Merchant Home, and JINS. Our goal for the year was to work with 6 clients. 


Making time for creative shoots is really important to us. These shoots help us to play around with new ideas and keep our creativity flowing. Some of these shoots included an editorial for Femme Fair, our one prop challenges, and a fun shoot in the city with our friend Antuan. Our goal for the year was 4. 



In March we hosted an event at Scotch and Soda with our friend Grace. We introduced the 2018 Spring and Summer collection. You can read more about it here. Our goal for the year was 1. 


We have learned that consistency is key, both the content you post and your engagement. We also have invested in tools such as Hootsuite and Tailwind which help us to automate how we post. There is still some growing to do in this area, especially Twitter, but we're making it work with the time that we have.  


We need to be more proactive about looking for and attending networking events, but we did make it to two so far. Through these events we grew our following and made connections that  led to refferals. Our goal for the year was 6. 

WC x BB-2.jpg


We don't really think of ourselves as bloggers in the typical way, but we think it's important to document our journey for ourselves and to hopefully encourage others. We're really proud of how consistent we have been in posting at least once or twice a week. 


At the beginning of the year, our biggest accomplishment was starting the business. Once that was out of the way we focused on setting ourselves up for success by starting a bank account, getting legal advice, writing a contract, obtaining insurance (we need that??), filing for permits, setting a budget, and purchasing equipment.

Writing this post is a reminder of how far we have come and how much more we have to accomplish. We are excited to see what the second half of the year will bring. 

Is it the weekend yet?