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Hi guys, can you believe it's March already? We've been crazy busy over here with nonstop work and we can't wait to share it with you all. For now, we've decided to compile a quick list of some of our favorite podcasts to listen to while working. Even though they've been around for some time now, podcasts are truly having a moment. Not only are they great for commutes but they're perfect while working. Listening to people discuss an interesting topic keeps you engaged enough to split your attention between work and the podcast. Whether you just need some background noise to get you through the workload or you've been wanting to listen to some podcasts but don't know where to start, check out our favorites below and let us know which podcasts you listen to in the comments.



The podcast that combines true crime and comedy. Imagine opening up a wine bottle at home with your best friends, chatting about the craziest murders, and exchanging hilarious banter. That's what MFM is all about. Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two totally honest and hilarious women that share a fascination with murder. While their podcast touches such dark subject matter, Karen and Georgia find ways to respectfully discuss their curiosity, all while having a great sense of humor. 



This podcast is perfect for anyone who owns a business or is thinking about starting a side hustle. Sophia Amoruso, former CEO of Nasty Gal and founder of Girlboss media, interviews women who are making a mark in society. Some of the interviewees include Tess Holliday, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rupi Kaur, and Jen Gotch. Listeners can expect various discussions about success, inspiration, and day to day life.  



This American Life is one of the more well-known podcasts, and seems to regularly sit at the top of the charts. It is easy to see why since the content can appeal to almost anyone. Every week a different topic is selected and explored through interesting stories and interviews conducted by Ira Glass. The topics are centered around things that people experience such as human error, life's uncertainties, and comedy. 



Clearly we are big fans of true crime, but Criminal is a podcast that I would recommend even to those who aren't so into the genre. The cases that Criminal covers are really broad, often surprising, and very rarely gruesome. For example, a really interesting episode is Episode 84: Masterpiece which follows the story of a valuable poodle who was stolen in the 1950s and never found. The stories covered are informative as well as entertaining. 



Stuff You Should Know is produced by HowStuffWorks.com and covers pretty much every topic you could think of. Through this podcast I have learned about the Underground Railroad, the Secret Service, lion taming, even LSD. This is a great podcast for building up general knowledge and gaining interesting conversation starters. There are a lot of episodes, so this is one that can keep you busy for a long time. 


Is it the weekend yet?