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Happy belated New Year! 2019 has been really busy and we feel a little behind, but we finally had some time to sit down and reflect on 2018. We want to share with you an update about the past year as well as the direction that we are headed in the new year.

At the beginning of 2018 we got our business license and LLC. We spent a lot of time researching all that goes into starting a business. We got insurance, licenses, and fun things like that.

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In February we worked with Erika and her brand, S64 which was our first official shoot as a company. We shot for two days, one day in the studio, and one day on the streets in SF. This partnership led to us working with Volition Beauty.

In March, we hosted an event at Scotch & Soda with our friend Grace.

In April we had the privilege of working with an amazing group of women to promote Femme Fair. We took images of the bloggers in a beautiful studio in SF and then created some fun imagery with the items that were in the VIP bags.

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Halfway through the year we realized we needed a contract to use with our clients. We worked with a lawyer to craft a contract that we could customize for each shoot.

Throughout the rest of the year we worked with some really amazing clients including Merchant Home, JINS, Packlane, Sunwink, and She She Shoes.

We spent a lot of time on fun shoots in order to build our portfolio and practice our technique. You can see our one props here, our shoot with Antuan for Baldwin here, our shoot with Kenneth for Brooklyn Cloth here, our shoot with Claire here, our paper challenge shoot here, and our vegetable challenge shoot here.

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At the end of the year we sat down to reflect on our accomplishments and set new goals for 2019. Looking back we realized how low we set our goals and it really surprised us that we were able to hit almost all of them by the middle of the year.

To challenge ourselves, we set really high goals for 2019 that are intimidating but will push us harder to meet them.

Our focus for this year is to build up consistent work with new and existing clients that we can rely on. We also want to find avenues for passive income that will supplement the revenue from our clients. Last year was a year for us to learn about business and how we work and this year will be more about streamlining our process so we have room for all the fun shoots we want to do.

The most exciting thing to happen in 2019 so far and the reason that this post is so late is that we signed a lease on a studio and office space in downtown Campbell. We spent most of January planning and prepping as well as building all the IKEA furniture in order to get it up and running. We plan to rent out the studio portion on Peerspace to help supplement our rent.


We want to thank you for following along during our first year of business. We know that our incredibly supportive community has played a huge part in how much we were able to accomplish.

Don’t be afraid to set high goals for yourself, even if they scare you. Sometimes you need a push to get yourself going in the right direction. Goals will help hold you accountable and they are a way to measure progress and celebrate your success. You can read about our 2018 goals here and our mid-year check in here.

Is it the weekend yet?
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