Weekend Creative




If you aren’t familiar with Sunwink yet, you may want to get yourself acquainted because they’re about to take over the herbal tonic industry. They just recently launched at all of the Whole Foods across the Rocky Mountain region. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them this year on quite a few shoots. If you’d like to see a previous BTS post of our first ever Sunwink shoot, you can check that out here.

When we first came across their brand, they had an entirely different bottle for all their herbal sparkling drinks. It was clear with a really pretty illustration which drew us in right away. Once we were in the process of working with them, we found out that they were undergoing a major rebrand. This was exciting to us because it meant that we were going have a part in creating the new look and feel of their brand through photography. We also loved the direction in which they were headed with their new matte blue bottles.

For this particular shoot, Sunwink wanted a more natural and messy vibe. They were looking for something a little less posed and more accidental than anything. We stayed away from using wooden blocks and fabrics like we had done for them in the past. Instead, we used a lot more flowers, plants, and herbs to really emphasize the fact that the ingredients that Sunwink uses are indeed all natural.

Most of our product shoots happen inside our studio but it was a nice change to go outside and use our favorite natural light source: the sun! We loved getting to play around with shadows in the afternoon because they’re usually really crisp and defined around that time. For this shoot, we also created a few GIFs which included a lemon rolling out of the scene, a Sunwink drink being poured into a glass, and a glass cup being filled with flowers. Check out some fun behind the scenes shots below and If you’d like to see a few of the final shots from this shoot, click here.


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