Weekend Creative




Ever since we officially started Weekend Creative in January, we've been talking about incorporating more "just for fun" shoots into our schedule. I think it's really important to make time to just play around and be creative without worrying about a shot list or client expectations. It helps me stay inspired and also is good practice for coming up with ideas quickly. 

Last week we borrowed some clothing from our friends at Baldwin (shoutout to Juan, one of our favorites), and took our friend Antuan to SF to play around. We've been shooting a lot of product lately, which we love, but it was really refreshing to work with a model and be a little more editorial. We parked our car in the Dogpatch and walked around, shooting in different spots and using things we found on the street including a shopping cart. Here are some of the BTS photos - we are excited to share the edited versions soon!


Is it the weekend yet?