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It’s amazing how fast time flies. We’re nearing the end of August and we have worked on some pretty amazing things these last few months. Not only have we been keeping ourselves busy with client projects but we’ve gotten this wonderful opportunity of working with the Adobe Live team to help host a few of their livestreams on Behance.

If you’re not familiar with Adobe Live, it is a really unique platform where you can watch live broadcasts of creatives from various fields. People from around the world tune in to watch talented creatives show their process and share their knowledge in real time. As long as you have a Behance account, you can also interact with the featured creative and other Behance members using the Adobe Live chat feature.

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Our girl Jasmine was kind enough to recommend us for hosting and since then we’ve been driving up to the city quite a few times every month to host these awesome livestreams. Even though the drive can be a little exhausting (yay for carpool), Elle and I really love getting to host for Adobe Live as it gives us the opportunity to meet so many amazing creatives in various fields from photography, illustration, graphic design, UI/UX, and more.

We’re so passionate about education and part of our mission for Weekend Creative is to not only inspire people with our photography but to encourage others to go out and pursue their own creative dreams. By sharing our knowledge and experiences through our blog posts, we hope to help those in our community who are interested in pursuing a creative career or starting their own business. For that reason, we are very into what Adobe Live is all about and something we hope to continue doing.


I don’t think that I would have ever discovered that Adobe was working on these kinds of livestreams until our friend asked us if we were interested in hosting. Elle and I both agree that this would have been such a tremendous resource back in college and something we wish we had known existed. Now that we do, we’re hoping to share this amazing and useful resource to you guys.


One major reason we love Adobe Live is simply the fact that you can tap into any livestream and learn something really cool that you didn’t know before. With so many different categories to choose from, there is never any shortage of knowledge. Whether you want to watch someone live demo their process or just simply hear them talk about how they built their creative career, there’s something for everyone. By the way, if you like stickers, each livestream has a fun giveaway where you have the chance to win some stickers from Sticker Mule as long as you’re staying active in the chat. If that doesn’t entice you to stick around, then I’m not sure what will. (Haha!)


Another favorite part about the Adobe livestreams that’s super useful for aspiring creatives is the Daily Creative Challenges. This is the perfect opportunity to sharpen up your skills in either Photoshop or XD depending on which challenge you want to participate in. Adobe Live uses Discord to track all of the submissions and build a community around the challenges. If you participate in the challenge and submit your work, you’ll have the chance to get it reviewed in the livestream. Every now and then, there are also opportunities for portfolio reviews which can be really helpful when you’re looking for feedback and constructive criticism.


Aside from hosting other creatives, Elle and I got to host ourselves for our very own segment back in June where we shared our editing process with the Adobe Live community. Getting to do our own livestream was an incredible experience for us. It’s so important to be able to know how to talk about your work and this was the perfect chance to do just that while also getting to share some of our favorite techniques. If you’re interested in watching those, you can view part 1 and part 2 of our segment below:

Thank you so much for reading! Let us know if you’ve watched any of the Adobe livestreams before or if you think you’ll be watching one in the future.

Is it the weekend yet?